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Analisis Penurunan Gabungan Prefabricated Vertical Drain dan Stone Column Untuk Perbaikan Tanah Lunak

Combined Settlement Analysis of Prefabricated Vertical Drain and Stone Column for Soft Soil Improvement

*Abdul Muis  -  Gunadarma University, Indonesia
Sri Wulandari  -  Gunadarma University, Indonesia

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Soft soil is inevitable in the construction, be it road construction or building construction. Soil improvement is needed to overcome the problem of soft soil, soil improvement methods are growing and diverse. This research is focused on studying the interaction behavior of combination two soil improvement methods, namely Prefabricated Vertical Drain (PVD) and Stone Column (SC). This research was conducted using PLAXIS 2D with Mohr-Coulomb (MC) and Soft Soil (SS) material models. The results showed that the combination of PVD and SC methods provides the advantage that PVD can accelerate the consolidation time and SC can reduce the settlement that occurs in the soil. The use of SS model is greater settlement compared to using Mohr-Coulomb material model with a settlement of 1,641 m for Soft Soil and 0.463 m for Mohr-Coulomb. SC depth variation affects the settlement and settlement time, the longer the SC the smaller settlement and the shorter time, while PVD only affects the time. Combining PVD and SC results in better settlement and settlement time compared to PVD or SC alone. Variations in construction methods result in slight differences for MC material models, whereas for SS material models, construction methods 2 are greater in settlement and shorter time.
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Keywords: Soft soil; prefabricated vertical drain; stone column; settlement

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