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Analisis Karakteristik Campuran Laston Menggunakan Material Perkerasan Jalan Lama Dengan Peremaja Limbah Minyak Goreng

Analysis on the Characteristics of Asphalt Concrete Mixture Utilizing Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement with Waste Cooking Oil Rejuvinator

*I Nyoman Arya Thanaya, ME., PhD orcid scopus publons  -  Udayana University, Indonesia
I Made Agus Ariawan  -  Udayana University, Indonesia
I Putu Chandra Wibawa  -  Udayana University, Indonesia

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One alternative way to reduce the use of natural aggregate and asphalt is the use of recycled materials of old road pavement or Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (RAP). The asphalt within the RAP generally had become stiffer due to ageing, therefore it needs to be mixed with a rejuvenating agent. An alternative organic oil-based refining agent that can be used for rejuvenating rigid asphalt is Waste Cooking Oil (WCO). The purpose of this study is to analyze the characteristics of asphalt mixtures at Optimum Bitumen Content (OBC) and at best WCO content. The asphalt mixture manufacturing method used was Marshall Method. The variation of RAP materials was 25% and 50%, with added aggregate material to meet the ideal mid gradation. For each variation of RAP content, was produced mixtures with variation of of 2%, 4%, 6%, 8%, and 10% (by weight of total asphalt) where for each of those variation of RAP with variations of WCO rejuvinating materials, were made asphalt content variation of 5%; 5.5%; 6%; 6.5%; and 7%, then the OBC was determined. For the mixture with 50% RAP, the OBC was 6.3%, with best result on 8% WCO. On misture with 25% RAP the  OBC was 6.2%, with best result on 4% WCO. The Marshall characteristics met the specifications. The mixture of 50% RAP with 8% WCO has lower stiffness and deformation resistance, however the performance of this mixtre was good enough on fatigue test.
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Keywords: RAP; WCO; marshall; ITSM; creep; ITFT
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