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Analisis Produktivitas Operasi Pemasangan Balok Baja (Studi Kasus: Pembangunan Kampus II Universitas Pasundan)

Analysis of Steel Beam Installation Operation Productivity (Case Study: Construction of University Pasundan Campus II)

*Yongki Alexander Tanne orcid  -  Department of Civil Engineering, Universitas Komputer Indonesia, Indonesia
Andhyka Putra Pratama  -  Master Program of Construction Engineering and Management, Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia
Reza Rahardian  -  Department of Civil Engineering, Universitas Komputer Indonesia, Indonesia

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Construction operations productivity remains a challenge due to the influence of space limitations and construction methods. This condition was experienced by the construction of Pasundan University’s new campus building within a narrow and congested location. This research carried out a productivity evaluation on the steel beam installation based on Time Studies, MPDM, Work Sampling and 5-Minutes Rating. Productivity analysis uses the MPDM, Cycle Chart, Process and Crew Balance Chart. The evaluation of the overall productivity of steel beam installation operations shows a comparison of the percentage of work execution versus delay of 62% versus 38%. This result is quite good considering that the proportion of construction worker productivity is in the range of 40-70% compared to 62% on this project. Improvement of productivity can still be done by preventing delays due to equipment; efficiency of the number of workers; as well as optimizing the duration of each task by referring to the best cycle duration. Thus, the productivity can increase from 10.36 minutes/unit to 6.25 minutes/unit. It is hoped that these results will attract similar research with objects to produce productivity data on construction operations in Indonesia and encourage an improvement in the construction sector.

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Keywords: Construction operations; steel structure; construction productivity; delay

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