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Perilaku Beban-Perpindahan Aksial Pre-Buckling dan Post-Buckling pada Struktur Kolom Elastis

*Sumirin Sumirin  -  , Indonesia

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The analysis of column buckling is generally based on the analysis of linear eigenvalue problem to obtain the buckling load. In the linear analysis we do not know the load-displacement behavior especially after buckling occurs. This research studied the behavior of the elastic column on the stage pre-buckling and post-buckling by finite gemetrically nonlinear of finite element method. Difficulties in equilibrium problem at around the point of buckling load solved by using the Newton-Raphson incremental method with constant arc- length technique. To generate the initial touch of buckling columns are very small lateral load or by providing the initial lateral deformation is very small. Axial load-displacement curve column finite element analysis results compared to the results of previous reseacher. An axial load-displacement curve bilinear proposed in this study.
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Keywords: Column; Buckling; Finite element; Geometrically nonlinear analysis

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