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(Updated 27th February 2024)

Number of Documents:  446

G Scholar Citation:  1688 click here

H-Index:  24

i10-Index: 73

Impact Factor: 0.571 (IF SINTA)

SINTA: Accredited 2nd Rank

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Journal History

- Since Volume 18 Issues 1 (2021) Jurnal Presipitasi applies an Article Processing Charges of IDR 800,000 (included english translation and article proofreading). All articles that is submitted before February 1, 2021 and accepted for publication in Volume 18 Issues 1 and 2, are subjected to pay IDR 250,000 only.
- Since Volume 17 Issues 2 (2020) Jurnal Presipitasi is accredited SINTA 2 and started to publish all article in English. All article which submitted in Bahasa Indonesia will be translated in English by the Editor and permitted by the Authors. Jurnal Presipitasi still accept articles in Bahasa Indonesia submission until July 2021. All article submitted in Bahasa Indonesia after July 2021 will be declined at initial submission.  
- Since Volume 16 Issues 2 (2019) Jurnal Presipitasi changed the reference style from APA 6th edition to Elsevier Harvard 2. Elsevier Harvard 2 has been available at Mendeley and various other citation managers.
- Since Volume 16 Issues 2 (2019) Jurnal Presipitasi applies an Article Processing Charges of IDR 250,000 to improve the performance of article management in Jurnal Presipitasi

- In Volume 16 Issues 2 (2019) the manuscript writing style was also changed from the original one using 2 columns to 1 column. This change was also followed by changes to the article template for submission which can be seen in the following link. In this volume, Jurnal Presipitasi also began publishing articles in English

- Since Volume 16 Issues 2 (2019), Jurnal Presipitasi has changed the Chief Editor from what was originally Dr.Ing Sudarno to Bimastyaji Surya Ramadan, M.T. Changes to the structure of the editorial board can be seen in the following link.

- Starting Volume 16 (2019) the publication of Jurnal Presipitasi's article is carried out 3 times, in March, July and November.

- Starting Volume 15 Issues 1 (2018), Jurnal Presipitasi includes abstracts in Indonesian and English

- Starting Volume 14 Number 2 (2017), there was a change in the style of the article writing, the title of the article instead of using printed letters

- Presipitasi Journal began officially receiving articles online since 2006