*Evina Krisnawati  -  Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana, Indonesia
Christiana Hari Soetjiningsih  -  Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana, Indonesia
Received: 24 Apr 2017; Published: 17 Nov 2017.
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Angket Kesepian dan Selfie-Liking
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This study aims to examine the relationship between loneliness and selfie-liking. The hypothesis of this research is that there is a positive relationship between loneliness and selfie-liking among college students. This research used correlational quantitative methods. Participants in this research was 64 students, which was taken by purposive sampling technique, with inclusive criteria: like to do selfie and in the last month post the selfie photos to social media as much as 4-6 times. Data were collected using the Loneliness Scale from UCLA Version 3 and selfie-liking measured by Selfie-Liking Scale.  The correlation was analyzed using the Spearman Correlation Test with SPSS 23 for Windows. The results showed there was a positive and significant relationship between loneliness and self-liking (r=.297; p=.009) which means the higher loneliness, the higher selfie-liking.

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Keywords: loneliness; selfie-liking; college student

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