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The Effect of Perceived Fathers Involvement on Subjective Well-being: Study On Early Adolescent Groups Who Live Without Mother In Karawang

*Risma Alifa  -  Universitas Indonesia, Indonesia
Eko Handayani  -  Universitas Indonesia, Indonesia
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Adolescence will be even more difficult when they experience a crisis phase due to the loss of a parent, such as a
mother who dies, divorces, or mother as a migrant worker. This condition often occurs in Karawang and makes
teenagers forced to live with their fathers who are usually perceived as less involved in their lives. In fact, the
father’s involvement is very important for adolescent’s subjective well-being, so that they can rise from these
negative experiences. The purpose of this study was to examine the effect of perceived father’s involvement on
the subjective well-being of adolescents who live only with their father. Research respondents obtained using
convenience sampling technique as many as 56 early adolescents (12-15 years). The researcher used a
questionnaire that containing the measuring tools of The Satisfaction with Life Scale, Positive and Negative Affect
Schedule, Nurturant Fathering Scale and The Father Involvement Scale; and multiple regression for data analysis.
The results showed that adolescent’s life satisfaction was influenced by father nurturance, t(53) = 2.095, p < .05,
adolescent’s positive affect was partially influenced by father nurturance, t(53) = 3.088 p < .05, as well as
simultaneously with father involvement, F(2, 53) = 6.657, p < .05, R2 = .201, and adolescent’s negative affect was
simultaneously influenced by father nurturance and father involvement. Thus, we hope that fathers can increase
their role as single parents because the greater father’s involvement can affect adolescent’s higher life satisfaction,
the higher positive affect and the lower negative affect, making it easier for adolescents to face the crisis phase

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Keywords: perceived fathers involvement; subjective well-being; early adolescent; single father; live without mother

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