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Author Guidelines

                                          General Provisions:

 The article is a result of field research related to observation and research, fisheries and marine sciences, water resource management, fishery resource utilization, fishery resource arrest, cultivation, fishery technology, Remote sensing of the Marine and fisheries.

 Article submitted for publication to SAINTEK FISHERIES shall be accompanied by a letter of declaration and approval of the author/form of the authenticity statement of the article manuscript, has not been published in any scientific journal and is not being sent to another scientific journal At the same time. Statement Form can be downloaded via: DOWNLOAD.

Articles typed on A4 paper with Microsoft Word program, Times New Roman Letters, with a format of 2 columns, a letter size of 11 pts with a space of 1.5 lines, using a limit of 2 cm on all sides, the maximum number of pages 15 pages including page graphs and tables, and not numbered pages.

    The article is written in Bahasa Indonesia. The systematics of research articles are:


1) article writing using 1 space, left margin of 1 cm right margin 1 cm bottom margin 1 cm. A4 paper size with Font 10 typeface Times New Roman. Max 11 pages (including tables and images)

2) The title of the article is not more than 30 words and describes the contents of the article followed by the author's name, institution and office address.

3) abstract contains a summary of the study and a maximum word count of 250 words, keyword 3-5 words.

4) Introduction to explaining the background, problems and research objectives.

5) The research method describes the research phase and describes the materials used and the equipment used for data retrieval and analysis. Formula/Formula captions are written in paragraph form

6) results explaining and detailed research results obtained

7) Discussion of research discussion should explain the results of research obtained and compared with the results of other similar researchers.

8) Table Headings table is located above as well as notes are below. Tables can be created with the application Ms-Excel or other applications. The lines in the table use horizontally where the lines are raised up and down while the other parts are eliminated.

9) Image systematics: flowcharts, graphs and photos as well as maps can be given numbering sequentially using Arabic numerals. The title is placed at the bottom. Images can be displayed in either a color or black-and-white model. Example below:

10) Foreign terminology foreign terminology can be written using italics

11) Latin name species name written in italic and separated between genus and species

12) Number Format decimal numbers are written using commas (,). The number of thousands is separated by dots (.).

13) Conclusion in paragraph form and must answer from the research purpose.

14) Thank you for the research and Research Fund as well as parties related to the research conducted

15) The list of libraries is at least 10, containing references used in article writing. As for the book published in the last 10 years, the primary Reference (journal) more than 80% published last 5 years and has a DOI (Digital Object Identifier), arranged alphabetically and recommended using a reference management application Among others (Mendeley, Zotero etc.)

 Articles must be submitted online di

 The decision to be accepted or rejected will be informed by email correspondence.