Penyelesaian Faktorisasi Koprima dengan Algoritma Euclid dan Metode Ruang Keadaan untuk Penentuan Pengendali yang Menstabilkan Sistem

*Asmat Asmat  -  Jurusan Matematika FMIPA Universitas Diponegoro, Indonesia
Widowati Widowati  -  Mathematics Department, Faculty of Sciences and Mathematics, Dipongoro University, Indonesia
Received: 7 Jan 2015; Published: 7 Jan 2015.
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Stability is the main requirement that must be met on the control system. If the plant from the control system is not stable, then the controller C can be searched so that the feedback system becomes internally stable.  Let G  be a transfer function represented by , where N, M are coprime factorization and element of family of all stable, proper, real rational function.   Functions N and M can be found by using Euclidean algorithm and the state space method. Further, we find  controller,  that satisfy, NX + MY = I, so that the feedback system is internally stable. To verify  the proposed method, numerical examples are given.


Keywords: Euclidean algorithm, coprime factorization, state space method, controller, stable

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