Analisa Metode Pengukuran Berat Badan Manusia Dengan Pengolahan Citra


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Submitted: 30-11-2016
Published: 01-07-2017
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Body weight is one of the most important parameters to determine the condition of a person's body. To find out information about the weight is generally done by using a measurement scales. However, there are several methods that can be done to determine a person's weight, one of which is by using image processing. Through this study, we tried to decipher the possibility of weight calculation using image processing with various mathematical approach based on a calculation of body surface area (BSA) and the volume of the ellipse for the human body. We process the image in the form of digital photos to generate information on the person's weight on the photo. Furthermore, we did investigate the possibility, calculation, and analysis of the accuracy of the system. To determine the performance of the system that we made, we did the comparison calculation results with body weight results of the scales. As a result, we conclude that the weight calculation method is feasible through image processing with various conditions and restrictions, it is confirmed by the results of the analysis and the accuracy of our calculation system is 95% at a distance of 470 cm between the camera and the object.


body weight; body surface area; image processing

  1. Hilman Fauzi 
    Telkom University, Indonesia
    Fakultas Teknik Elektro Telkom University
  2. Fadlur Rahman 
    Telkom University, Indonesia
    Fakultas Teknik Elektro Telkom University
  3. Tauhid Nur Azhar 
    Universitas Islam Bandung, Indonesia
    Fakultas Kedokteran Universitas Islam Bandung
  4. Nasya Ayudina 
    Telkom University, Indonesia
    Fakultas Teknik Elektro Telkom University
  5. Ratri Dwiatmaja 
    Telkom University
    Fakultas TEknik Elektro Telkom University
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