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*Suyadi Suyadi  -  , Indonesia

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In the case of the exploration on renewal energy sources and non fossil energy sources, the writer hasmade a concept of development method in using sea wave for electrical plant as an effort to develop theelectrical plant system by using renewal energy sources. This system uses pontoon to press the sea waterinto tanks, then the generated pressure is used to move turbine. Cylinder pontoon may be floated byproducing maximum heave at the type weight = 0,65. At this type weight surge and pitching movement cannot be reduced until zero, however it may reduces the other movements like rolling and translating, namelyby: DL < 0,615H and DL < 0,175λ, the buoyancy value is 75,4% from its diameter sink in the water or thevolume buoyancy of the floated part that is 15% from the total volume of cylinder. The energy that may beboosted depends on the pontoon's weight which can be pulled by one way of wave, amplitude, and naturalperiod of the wave. The research gives method of electrical energy and estimation and boosting boosted byone way of wave. The result of energy estimation which can be boosted for wave length is 1,20 m and waveheight is 0,50 meter, the energy that can be boosted is 0,02Kw, for wave length 4,00 meter and wave height2,00 meter, the energy that can be boosted is 23,06Kw for wave length 4,00 meter and wave height 8,00meter the energy that can be boosted is 737,89Kw.
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Keywords: sea wave energy, electrical plan system

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