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*Busada Eka Kristi Pratiwi  -  , Indonesia
Atiek Suprapti  -  , Indonesia
Titien Woro Murtini  -  , Indonesia

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Elderly is people who aged 60 years and older and generaly has decreased physical and psychological. The
number of elderly in Kelurahan Krobokan has reached 8.9%, its means that the region can be said to have
an old structure. Elderly in Kelurahan Krobokan can still use their environment can still use their
environment to get to a certain social facilities to meet their needs. Existing spatial pattern in the district is
using a grid that has a lot of intersections. The purpose of this study was to determine the physical aspects of
the elements forming a regular grid patterns that exist in the area of research, so as to affect the nonphysical
aspects of the ability range of the elderly.
Research methods that will be used is a qualitative method rationalistic. Where the assessment is used to
form a grand theory of concept consisting of the variables that will be connected. Then the data analysis
starts from reviewing and systematics of data that has been obtained by grouping data into variables that
have been previously determined. The group is then presented in the form of maps, patterns, percentages and
narrative text. The data that has been arranged, then made a conclusion and interpretation.
An analysis found that the grid pattern affect the ability of elderly to use their environment. The positive
influence that can reach the elderly Kelurahan Krobokan social facilities they want them to go the distance
even beyond their ability.
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Keywords: Elderly, Grid pattern, Ability elderly reach

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