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*Ira Adiatma  -  , Indonesia
Azis Nur Bambang  -  , Indonesia
Hartuti Purnaweni  -  , Indonesia

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Bangka island as a whole has undergone a significant change related thereto. Group of fishermen coastal
communities are the most vulnerable to changing weather and coastal environment. In the village of Batu
Belubang, frequent extreme weather phenomena of the cyclone and the rapid change of weather, had forced the
population to adapt to climate change. The livelihoods of fishermen who rely heavily on natural conditions cause
the dependence on weather patterns and ocean activities.
This research uses qualitative analysis with the positivistic approach. The method of data collection is done with
the interview focused and observational field to see the real conditions and survey agencies to obtain
preliminary data regarding the level of climate change that occurred in the region. The analysis is done by
assessing the linkages/relationship of the destructive effects of climate change on livelihoods of fishermen.
From the analysis carried out, the main reason for the occurrence of the transition is economic livelihood. This
transition is triggered by vulnerability due to climate change and the existence of externalities, namely a
deterioration of Tin prices and the pepper in the international market in 1990 which was then backed up by
policy changes after regional autonomy in 2001. The welfare obtained from short-term floating mines have huge
consequences for the coastal environmental damage that would lead to a condition in which a new vulnerability.
Key words : the transition of livelihood, adaptation, fisherman
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Keywords: the transition of livelihood, adaptation, fisherman

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