Pertumbuhan dan Produktivitas Tanaman Bawang Merah (Allium ascalonicum L. var.Tiron) Dengan Perlakuan Gracilaria verrucosa Sebagai Penjerap Air Pada Tanah Pasir

Sri - Haryanti  -  biologi, Indonesia
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The aims of this study to determine effect of treatment G.verrucosa as water trappers on growth and
productivity of onions crops grown on sandy soil. The research using CRD with factorial pattern ( 3 x 4 ). The first
factor is the size of pieces G.verrucosa (U1 =flour, U2 =0.25 cm, U3 = 0.5 cm). The second factor is the
composition of the mixture G.verrucosa: sand (T1 = 0%: 100%, T2 =10%: 90%, T3 =20%: 80% and T4 =30%:
70%). The data obtained were analyzed by ANAVA at the level of significance of 95% followed by Duncan's at
95% significance level. The results showed that the addition of G. verrucosa able to increase growth and crop
productivity compared with the onion crops grown on sandy soil only. The most influential medium for plant
growth is a mixture of onion G. verrucosa with sand on the composition of 20%: 80% with G. verrucosa in all sizes,
while the most influential medium for the production of onion crop is a mixture of G. verrucosa in all sizes with a
sandy soil with a ratio of 10%: 90%.

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