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Coloration Characteristic and Population Genetic Analysis of Wild-Captured Giant Tiger Shrimp (Penaeus monodon) from Aceh Timur

1Research Institute for Fish Enhancement, Indonesia

2Institute for Mariculture Research and Development, Indonesia

Received: 22 Aug 2017; Published: 6 Sep 2018.

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Giant tiger shrimp (Penaeus monodon) has become a prime commodity in Indonesia which was produced by aquaculture and capture fisheries activities. Aceh Province, in this case mostly represented by Aceh Timur District, was well-known as the center of wild-captured-adult giant tiger shrimp. Several previous investigations had proved for its high-quality shrimp spawner in producing good eggs in quality and quantity under artificial spawning condition. Two main interesting points of wild giant tiger shrimp from Aceh Timur came from their coloration and population clusters. This report was aimed to provide that information pre-preliminary and highlighted quantitative information of coloration characteristic through RGB (Red Green Blue) and CIE Lab color space data analysis, as well as, 16S rDNA-PCR-RFLP genetic comparison among four population clusters in Aceh Timur Waters. The color analysis resulted in significant differences between wild-captured and pond-cultured giant tiger shrimp which produced R value 0.1524±0.0091 and 0.1268±0.0004, respectively. Total pixel analysis through L* a* b* color space has distinguished detailed differentiation between wild-captured and pond-cultured giant tiger shrimp acquired images. It is known that most of the wild-captured image pixels were concentrated in quadrant I (+a, +b) while pond-cultured in quadrant II (-a, +b) and III (-a, -b).Genotyping of represented samples from 4 population clusters, i.e. Aceh Tamiang, Langsa, Peudawa, and Julok produce 2 haplotype composite, AAA and AAB. Among 4 clusters, it was found that Julok has become the only cluster which has a different haplotype composite ratio (1:1) (D 0.0348, V 0,9501) from the others (4:1)(V 0.9504).

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Keywords: Aceh Timur; CIE Lab; PCR-RFLP; Penaeus monodon; RGB

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