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The use of internet communication technology can make the world as if in one hand makes electronic
business with the concept of Online Shopping at its peak in recent years along with the development of
communication technologies over theInternet.How to shop online by using the internet through computers and
mobile devices is increasingly popular smartphone can even be said to have become a trend today.Various
convenience of shopping be the main thing to offer, with enough gadgets available in the home, anyone can
already shop.This study wants to describe the interpretation of the meaning of Online Shopping as lifestyle and
observe several aspects into consideration.Using the media theory of Neil Postman (1992) inStraubhaar et.all
(2012: 50) that emphasizes the social system in promoting the culture of technology and dominating also Jacques
Ellul (1990) which argues that technological developments lead to social dominance and reinforced with the
theory of consumer behavior. Using Interpretive paradigm and descriptive qualitative study,this research found:
(1) the perpetrators of online shopping informants know enough about understanding online shop, their education
above the high school and already has information about online shopping (2) Online shopping for them is not as
lifestyle needs in shopping (3) Sources of information based on the experience of friends and environment (4) the
age and tastes play a role in making purchasing decisions (5) Encouraged perform online activities from previous
offender (6) the learning process when starting an online shopping activity in addition to the experience of friends,
komentardarida wall (7) online shopping is the fulfillment of which provide convenience, practicality, convenience
already enjoyed today. The study recommends that Internet presence is intended to have all the information needed
in people's lives can be accessed quickly, easily and inexpensively. The decision is a personal choice, but the
choice that brings benefits to individuals and society is certainly a wise decision.
Keywords: internet; online shopping; lifestyle

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