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*Jaduk Gilang Pembayun  -  , Indonesia

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In this era of globalization, the human’s need to have an fast information becomes very
important for the community. The mass media is a form of mass communication that is capable of
providing the need for quick information about what happened. Facing fierce competition in the mass
media business that requires social and economic strength of this, then there is the tendency of media
consolidation which then leads to the emergence of mass media giant group of players who later
led to the concentration of media ownership is often called konglemerasi media. Conglomeration
of media influence on the content or programs submitted to the community in which the content
or the program represents the economic and political interests of media owners. As a result, the
interests of the community to get the truth be lost. All this because of the process of agenda setting and
framing is done by the media that are tailored to the interests of the owner. Truth is not found in these
communities can lead society to accept the truth version from hegemony of mass media.

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Keywords: media conglomeration, pilpres2014, globalization

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