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Publication In-Press

All accepted manuscripts/articles are pre-published temporarily in "Article In Press of JAI (Jurnal Anestesiologi Indonesia) journal" and are not assigned to with a volume/issue yet. That's mean all articles in this pre-issue are in waiting for formal publishing in the next issue. Please be noted that the DOI number in this In-Press issue is not registered yet. Also, We don't guarantee the articles in this issue will be published in the regular issue. 

Table of Contents


Shafira Dian Prameswari, Ardana Tri Arianto, Purwoko Purwoko, Sugeng Budi Santoso

| Language: ID | DOI: 10.14710/jai.v0i0.49577
Published: .

Riyadh Firdaus, Arif HM Marsaban, Roniza Basri

| Language: EN | DOI: 10.14710/jai.v0i0.47360
Published: .

Aida Rosita Tantri, Sri Rejeki, Darto Satoto, Ratna Farida Soenarto, Riyadh Firdaus

| Language: EN | DOI: 10.14710/jai.v0i0.47064
Received: 21 Jun 2022; Published: 23 Dec 2022.

Besari Adi Pramono, Sultana M.H Faradz, Suhartono Suhartono, Noor Pramono

| Language: IN | DOI: 10.14710/jai.v0i0.49301
Published: .

Laporan Kasus

Riyanti Amujib Kasim

| Language: ID | DOI: 10.14710/jai.v0i0.45617
Published: .

Ika Jati Setya Andriani, Ibnu Siena Sambdani

| Language: ID | DOI: 10.14710/jai.v0i0.48607
Received: 29 Aug 2022; Published: 23 Dec 2022.

Himawan Sasongko, Danu Soesilowati

| Language: ID | DOI: 10.14710/jai.v0i0.48610
Published: .

Satrio Adi Wicaksono, Taufik Eko Nugroho

| Language: ID | DOI: 10.14710/jai.v0i0.48608
Received: 29 Aug 2022; Published: 5 Jan 2023.

Heru Dwi Jatmiko, SpAn, KAKV, KAP, Mochamat Mochamat

| Language: ID | DOI: 10.14710/jai.v0i0.48611
Received: 29 Aug 2022; Published: 5 Jan 2023.

Tinjauan Pustaka

Shirly Lucas

| Language: EN | DOI: 10.14710/jai.v0i0.46154
Published: .

Tinni Trihartini Maskoen, Diki Akbar

| Language: ID | DOI: 10.14710/jai.v0i0.49464
Received: 9 Oct 2022; Published: 23 Dec 2022.

Karyadi Prayanangga

| Language: ID | DOI: 10.14710/jai.v0i0.50022
Published: .