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Analisis Cemaran Logam Berat Merkuri pada Air dan Udang di Sungai Mandor Kecamatan Mandor Kabupaten Landak

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Background : Mercury used in gold mining activities in the water of Mandor river in Mandor Disrict of Landak
Regency may couse environmental pollution in form of the degradation of water quality and pollution to the
biota, one of them was shrimp. The shrimp living in Mandor river was predicted to be polluted with mercury, and
if it was consumed, it may cause health disorders for people, especially those living near the river. This research
had the objectives of finding out the water Hg content and shrimp Hg content in the Mandor river and finding out
the correlation of water Hg content to shrimp Hg content.
Methode : This research was an observing research with the cross-sectional design. The sample collection points
were at five points with 30 water sample and 30 shrimp samples. The used statistical test was the product mommet
correlation test.
Result : The average of water Hg content was as much as 2,15 ppb ang the average shrimp Hg content was as much
as 0,18 mg/kg. From the test result, the differences in water Hg content showed that there were differences of water
Hg content in each research location (p value = 0,001); for shrimp Hg content, there were no different of results
among research location except in Kunyit Village and Kopiang Village that showed differences. From the results
of correlation test, it was found that there was a correlation between water Hg content to shrimp Hg content ( p
value = 0,047; r = 0,366). The regression result showed the regression coefficient value as much as 0,134 (p value
= 0,47); the highest the water Hg content in Mandor river, therefore, the shrimp Hg content will also increase, and
water Hg content influenced on the existence of shrimp Hg content as much as 10,3%. The analysis result of
mercury pollution in Mandor River show that the downstream area has a higher Hg content compared to the
upstream area, and the shrimp Hg content increases especially in Mandor Village.

Keyword : Hg water, Hg shrimp, Mandor River, Landak Regency
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