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Selenium dan Vitamin C Sebagai Pengobatan Pencegahan Pada Keracunan Pestisida (Studi Eksperimen Pada Petani Penyemprot di Temanggung Jawa Tengah)

*Ari Suwondo  -  , Indonesia

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Symptoms of organophosphate intoxication are a result of blocking the activity of blood cholinesterase
enzyme (ChEA). The ability of liver to do de toxification using pathway of O-Dealchylation on
organophosphate and cholinesterase bound and helped out by Glutathione peroxides enzyme (GPX) has
important role in returning the level of ChEA to the normal level. GPX is dependent on the presence of
selenium. The objective of this study is to obtain more understandable benefit of adding selenium and
vitamin C towards the ChEA, GPX and hemoglobin level of farmers worked as pesticide sprayers.
This is an experimental study using Pretest-posttest Control Group Design. Ninety nine respondents in
Pasuruan village, sub district of Bulu, Temanggung who fulfilled inclusion and exclusion criteria were
selected as study samples. Samples were divided into 3 groups of 33 people. First group received only
Selenium, second group received Selenium and Vitamin C and third group is a control group (no
supplementation given). Blood samples of all study samples were taken to identify the level of ChEA, GPX
and hemoglobin before and after experiment
Level of ChEA in the first group compared with the third group was significantly different (p=0.05). Similar

finding was also found for the level of ChEA in second group compared with third group (p= 0.014).

Supplementation of Selenium 200 μg for 7 days among pesticides sprayers farmers increase 1.85% level of ChEA and 2.66% level of hemoglobin.
Keywords: Selenium, vit C, level of GPX, ChEA and Hemoglobin.

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