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Journal History

Jpurnal History

1. The frequency of publishing will become 3x ( three times) per year, in April, August and December. This will be started in 2023.

2. The composition of citation highly recommended to use primary sources ( 80 %) i.e journal ( national or international), conference proceeding ( national or international), dissertation, thesis. Other sources ( 20%) are books or other references. Each article should contain of 10 references and only references used as citations may be listed in bibliography. This will be started in 2023.

3. The change of Editor in Chief, started September  2022.

4. The change of Board of Editor, Section Editor since 9 May 2022 based on Decree of Dean of Faculty of Law University of Diponegoro. Decree Number 180/UN7.5.1.2/HK/2022.