Received: 8 Nov 2016; Published: 8 Nov 2016.
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River border area in Sukamara District is still relatively natural, especially Mapam River. However, in the lower area of the river border Mapam has been converted into residential areas, and the border areas of the river adjacent to the settlement began cartilage endangered occupation, and there is no regulation on border rivers in Sukamara Regency. The aim of this study was to find out what has been done by its local government, describing and analyzing river border policy formulation, and to determine the factors that caused the absence of a border protection policy in Sukamara river. The results showed that the government has set the river border protection policy through the river border spatial planning policies as a protected area, the policy include in Regulation No. 14 Year 2012 on RTRWK Sukamara 2012-2032, in it set the policy agenda for the executive to create a protected area boundary river. Based on the analysis, almost all the alternatives have not qualified yet to be implemented due to constrained RDTR creation of the regulations. There is only one alternative to implementing policies that can be implemented without RDTR legislation, that do outreach to the community so as not to penetrate into the river border. The factors inhibiting the formation of policy implementation is very layered hierarchy in the process of implementing the policy formation, the lacking of goverments attention on it. It was also found occupational causes of Mapam river border into public housing because of ignorance about the regulation of building in the border areas of the river.


Keywords: policy formulation, policy implemention, protection of the river border

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