Received: 13 Jul 2017; Published: 13 Jul 2017.
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Regional general election is a process of changing regional leadership that requires a strategy for winning candidates for regional head and deputy regional head. Brebes 2012 regional general election folowed by two pairs of candidate. Idza Priyanti-Narjo (IJO) are able to win with 52,85 % vote. They beated Agung Widyantoro-Athoilah (TAAT) who is supported by the major parties in Brebes: Golkar, PAN, PKB, PPP, and Hanura. The study was conducted to provide an overview of political communication strategies undertaken by partner Idza Priyanti-Narjo on the selection of the Regent and Vice Regent of the Brebes Regency, the period of 2012-2017. Methodology in this research is qualitative descriptive type. To obtain data, the author conducted a study and documentation of nterviews wit some informants. Informants retrieval technique used was porposive sampling, which consists of pair Idza-Narjo, team success/winning team from PDI-P, Brebes District Election Commission, and the district Brebes. These results indicate a strategy of personal and PDI-P strategy in winning the Geberal Election is influenced by several factors, among others are: caring persona, to institusional strengthening, understand the audence, preparing persuasive message, set the method, sort and select media, the art of compromise, willing to open up, embracing other parties, have and opportunity to survey, the formation of winning teams, visits to the community and create a vision and mission in accordance with local conditions. With a variety of strategies such as the PDI-P has Won a Idza-Narjo partner in the Election District Brebes period 2012-2017.
Keywords: Winning Political Strategy, General Election

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