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Since it Independence, Indonesia’s political and governmental system had been changing
several times. It was in terms of searching political forms that accordingly to Indonesian conditions
and to realized stable, democratic government, and created prosperous society. In “Old Order” (1945-
1959),there was democratic political and governmental system but in the same time economic
development and prosperity of society were ignored. After the coup d’etat attempt in October 1st 1965,
in which military took power, they directed political and governmental system to realized economic
development and prosperity. In that time shaped stable political and government sytem but it was not
democratic and arised an abuse of power. The past experiences that extremely both, messy in one
side and quite in other side tried to be reconstruct by mixed presidential and parliamentary system. In
fact that experiment created devided government and cohabitation. It was conscious that the
reconstruction of political infrastructure such as society and political party was the key of political and
governmental development.
Keywords : Political and governmental system, democracy, economic development, mixed
presidential and parliamentary system
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