UPAYA PENANGGULANGAN KEMISKINAN BERBASIS PEMBERDAYAAN MASYARAKAT LOKAL (Belajar dari Pelaksanaan Program Penanggulangan Kemiskinan Perkotaan di Kelurahan Bintoro, Kecamatan Demak, Kabupaten Demak

Received: 13 May 2013; Published: 13 May 2013.
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Government makes policy to solve problems affecting people in society. Making policy means
deciding what is and is not a problem, choosing which problem to solve, and deciding how to solve
them to benefit society. P2KP(Urban Poverty Project) program, one of those programs to solve the
poverty problem in urban area. P2KP program implelemented poverty alleviation in urban area based
on three pillars of empowerment. Firstly, physical empowerment; secondly, economic empowerment;
thirdly, social empowerment. The study found that P2KP program are successfully implemented in
physical and social empowerment. It is necessarily have to investigate further research to answer that
the program unsuccessfully implemented in economic empowerment.
Key-word: Poverty alleviation, urban area, economic and social empowerment

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