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KUATNYA KEKUASAAN ONDOAFI DI TENGAH MASYARAKAT URBAN (Studi Tentang Kekuasaan Ondoafi di Kota Jayapura Papua)

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This paper aims to find out Ondoafi in the capital to actualize its power, and care for it so the
power of capital in the middle of an urban community. The result can understand the practice of
power in traditional society is changing.
There are three power capital Ondoafi namely social capital, symbolic and material. Assuming
the persistence of capital even living in urban areas had to survive because they have the ability to
manage symbols, manage social relationships and manage the economy. Allegations were proven
because of the discussion about the workings of the three capital Ondoafi power, can be in the know
that Ondoafi respond to change with the actualization of such capital through a revitalization strategy,
adaptation and repositioning
Those capitals is not working alone but comes along. Ondoafi convert into equity capital one
another so that there is a logical relationship with his rule. Capital-capital is reproduced and
exchanged with each other. In practice the power to show how the three capital Ondoafi able to
manage its power to make strategic changes. Ondoafi thus becomes very important and strategic for
anyone who needs it.
Keyword : power, revitalitation, adaptation, reposition.
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