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KEBIJAKAN PENDIDIKAN GRATIS DI TINGKAT REGIONAL: Konsep dan Pelaksanaan di Kabupaten Rembang

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The substance of the implementation of social welfare is to ensure citizens to meet their basic
needs. The decent Education is one of the basic needs of citizens. However, The policies relating to
the fulfillment of a decent education has been distorted. Such as the phenomenon of free education
policy in Indonesia, which is just often becomes a mantra on sale for the politicians during the
campaigns. But ironically, the concept of free education often does not have a clear meaning in the
empirical level, whether in relation to the scope, management and the destination. The researcher will
take a case study of free education policy in Rembang District of Central Java. The researcher will
examine the case by implementing public policy approaches. The researcher will explore various
aspects of the program that occur in the stages of pre-formulation, formulation, implementation,
evaluation, and feedback of the free education policy.
Keywords: social welfare, free education, public policy
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