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Regional autonomy has brought impact of the desire to split parts of themselves or in other
words, broke away to become the new autonomous region. Regional expansion is not just happening
at the provincial level, but also occurred in the district / city level. The number of Regency / City is far
more than the number of provincial post-reform 1999.
Regional expansion phenomenon was driven by several factors that support among the
existing regulations already provide a tremendous opportunity for the proliferation of regional
expansion proposals. The procedure is quite easy, and encouraged some of the motives of "hidden"
from the local political elites and political elites at the national
Regional Expansion has brought negative atupun positive implications for society, local
government and central government. The implications of regional expansion, antaralain: social
implications of political, social implications of economic, socio-cultural implications, implications for
public services, and the implications for economic development.
Key Word : regional autonomy, regional expansion
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