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PARTAI POLITIK & POLITIK HIJAU: Studi tentang Kepedulian Parpol terhadap Politik yang Prolingkungan di Kota Semarang

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The purpose of the research is to seek political parties awareness on green politics in
Semarang City. It is conducted towards the big five political parties according to 2009 election: Partai
Demokrat (Democrat Party), Partai Demokrasi Indonesia Perjuangan/PDI-P (Indonesian Struggle
Democratic Party), Partai Amanat Nasional/PAN (National Mandate Party), Partai Keadilan
Sejahtera/PKS (Justice and Prosperity Party), and Partai Golongan Karya (Functional Group Party)
as they have power to make decision in Semarang City legislature including environmental policy.
Using descriptive qualitative method, the research was conducted by interviewing the legislators,
observation, and also documents analysis. The result is clear that political parties do not have
awareness on green politics as well as environmental issues. It is reflected on the lack of
environmental awareness within their vision, mission, platform, and programs. Ironically, during the
previous legislature, political parties had many things to do to solve environmental problems, such as
flood. They initiated many policies to build pond, increasing city’s environmental budget, and also
enacting law of landscape. However, for the recent legislature it has not been planned yet.
Keyword: awareness, political parties, green politics
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