Received: 15 May 2013; Published: 15 May 2013.
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Improving people’s welfare is an important indicator for the leadership’s success of a regional
leader. With numbers of indicators, Pekalongan is one area that was considered successful under the
leadership of dr. Bashir Ahmad from 2005-2010 and 2010-present. The success is determined by
various factors both personal and environmental factors.
This research was conducted to answer the problem of personality strenght aspect/political
personality (microenvironment) and social environment aspect (macroenvironment)that support or
reject the mayor’s political leadership, dr. Bashir ahmad. Using qualitative analysis as type of
research with in-depth interview and documentation study as data collecting technique.
The result of this research shows that the successful leadership of dr.Bashir as mayor of
Pekalongan in realizing people’s welfare with micro analysis is influenced by his personal’s character
which are visionary, hardworker, commited in vision and programs that has been established,
unyielding, and dare taking risks. While in macro perspective, the success of bashir’s leadership is
determined by his ability to establish patterns of good communication with parliament, NGO’s, and
mass media so he can create conducive and productive climate. And in reforming the bureaucracy.
Keywords: political leadership, analysis Micro-Macroenvironments

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