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Submitted: 21-01-2014
Published: 21-01-2014
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This research is motivated by the deepen concern toward the concept of community
governance. There is a paradigm change in public administration, from government to
governance. That paradigm encourage many changes in public administration, included
programs of poverty reduction. When community claim any services that local government
can not fulfill it, communities effort to make self-supporting and play along to each other to
fulfill their requirement. So, it’s important thing to develop commmunity governance as a
model to manage programs of poverty reduction. The main purpose this research is to
describe the application of community governance in PNPM-MP (Program Nasional
Pemberdayaan Masyarakat-Mandiri Perkotaan). Result this research describes that BKM
Matra as community can do the function of governance, e.g: Community Leadership,
Community Empowerment, and Community Ownership. Application of Community
leadership can be seen in developing shared visions and understandings , community
participation, and co-operative behaviours. Application of Community Empowerment can be
seen in how comunity access to resources, do power sharing, and decentralize of decisionmaking.
Realization of Community Ownership can be seen in how community develop
sense of belonging, sense of caring, and valuing diversity.
Keywords: community governance, community leadership, community empowerment,
community ownership.