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Implementation of Neural Predictive Control To Distillation Column

*s. Anwari  -  , Indonesia
Open Access Copyright (c) 2017 REAKTOR

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This paper presents a neural predictive controller that is applied to distillation column. Distillation columns represent complex multivariable system, with fast and slow dynamics, significant interactions and directionality. A phenomenological model (i.e. a model derived from fundamental equation like mass and energy balance) of a distillation column is very complicated. For this reason, classical linear controller, such as PID (Proportional, Integral and Derivative) controller, will provide robustness only over relatively small range operation because of complexity and operation without lack of robustness. In this work, a neural network is developed for modeling and controlling a distillation column based on measured input-outputdata pairs. In distillation column, a neural network is trained on the unknown parameters of the system. The resulting implementationof the neural predictive controller is able to eliminate the most significant obstacles encountered in conventional predictive control application by facilitating  the development of complex multivariable models and providing a rapid, reliable solution to the control algorithm. Controller design and implementation are illustrated for a plant frequently referred to in the literature. Result are given for simulation experiments, which demonstrate the advantage of the neural based predictive controller both at the transient region and at the steady state region to overcome any overshoots.

Keywords : neural predictive controller, distillation column, complex multivariable models

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Keywords: neural predictive controller, distillation column, complex multivariable models

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