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Active magnetic bearing (AMB) systems can support a rotor without physical contact and enable users to
precisely control rotor position and vibration as function of time or other parameters. These frictionless and
programmable features have made AMB suitable to meeting the demand for higher speed, higher efficiency and
reliability of rotating machineries in many industrial application including oil and gas production, power generation
and energy conservation, clean manufacturing and transportation. This paper reviews the components and working
principles of AMB, which requires basic understanding of rotordynamics, electromagnetisms, power electronics and
control theories. Several configurations and applications of AMB are presented including design and cost issues. The
capabilities of several major AMB world manufacturers are evaluated. The paper concludes with the summary of
investigation topics at several leading AMB research centers. It is hoped that this paper can provide an up-to-date,
brief and yet comprehensive introduction of the AMB technology for potential users and industrial communities in

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