*ibnu widiyanto  -  magister manajemen universitas diponegoro, Indonesia
sutopo sutopo  -  magister manajemen universitas diponegoro, Indonesia
yunita andri paraswati  -  magister manajemen universitas diponegoro, Indonesia
Published: 15 Sep 2014.
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Research on the decision to purchase a product has a lot to do. This study aims to analyze factors that influence to the buying decisions of furniture products in UD. Tunggal Jaya Bojonegoro. The factors used are product quality, distinctiveness furniture, perceptions of price, and service quality.
The analytical method used to analyze the influence of the variable product quality, distinctiveness
furniture, perceptions of price, quality and services to the purchasing decision is the method
of multiple linear regression with the help of statistical program SPSS for Windows version
17.0 and test hypotheses based on the p value<0, 05. The results showed that the regression
equation is formed KPKB=0.235+0.147+0.376KMPH+0.359KL.
Product quality variables simultaneously (KP), the peculiarities of furniture (KM), perceived
price (PH), and quality of service(TOS) can influence the purchase decision (KB) F-test for
coefficient values calculated at 18.718, and partially the four independent variables can
influence purchasing decisions.
Suggestions obtained researc his the needfor marketers to increase providing timely service
at the time oft he delivery process and the existence of clear guarantees for damage product.
Offer arelatively cheap price according to what promises to management of the products
offered, giving discounts in order to attract customers to decide onthe purchase, establish
quality products that comply with the promised cover form, wood quality and smooth finishing,
carving and creating accessories detail the concept and create alot of variation plitur.

Keywords: factors that influence to buying decisions. PENDAHULUAN Globalisasi perdagangan pada saat ini tumbuh dan berkembang sangat pesat. Demikian halnya dengan dunia pemasaran yang juga tumbuh dan berkembang untuk mengadaptasi perubahan yang terjadi dalam perdag

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