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POLITIK KORUPSI : Kendala Sistemik Pemberantasan Korupsi di Indonesia

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Corruption is a phenomenon that always arise in a variety of reports. Especially these days
when politicians become suspect of corruption and fled to neighboring countries. SBY's government
committed to combating corruption, but until the second period of his leadership has not shown
encouraging results. Corruption became so difficult to eradicate. Even corruption that caused so much
suffering to the people, not to be used as a common enemy. Systemic corruption committed indeed
be an obstacle for efforts to eradicate corruption in Indonesia. Systemic corruption is actually
politicize of corruption which is practicing with strategy to make your higher official feel comfortable
and subordinate to enjoy. Systemic corruption is what causes the corruptor being untouchable.
Moreover, corruption also involves a number of law enforcement official like policse, prosecutors and
judgdes, even justice of the supreme court. But the most difficult part is the emergence of the
permissive attitude of society towards corruption. Therefore the handling of corruption also requires a
systemic way,including the revitalization of ethical standards.
Keywords: Corruption, Political Corruption, Revitalization of Ethical Standards
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