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*Mochamad Arief Budihardjo  -  , Indonesia

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The research was conducted to investigate how much biostarter and water adding influence to biogas
which is produced from organic waste degradation process of market and restaurant organic waste by
anaerobic process. In this research, biostarter acts as catalyst to quicken organic waste degradation
process while water addition function as moisturizer substrates factor in digester. Contribution of
biostarter and water combination addition, be able to yield a lot of biogas which contains methane gas
is significant. Research was set as laboratory scale experiment using batch system with fifth variations
of treatment observed. The variations aim to determine a most effective variation which has
capabilities to yield a lot of volume biogas, methane gas and the high efficiency of quality slurry
reduction on a brief HRT (Hydraulic Retention Time). The result of the  research indicates that
methane gas percentage in biogas at every variant range from 21.89 - 30.78 %, acid substrate level
5.47 - 7.41, which still at a preferable range for bacteria to live and efficiency of slurry quality reduction
at every variant especially at its organic content range from 15.29 - 93.92 %
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Keywords: organic waste, biogas and methane gas, anaerobic digester, bio-starte

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