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*Pertiwi Andarani  -  , Indonesia
Arya Rezagama  -  , Indonesia

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The exploration and production process of oil and its supporting operations always generates waste
as by-product. If they are uncontrolled, it might decrease the environmental quality. Thus, it is
necessary to manage and treat the waste in order to meet the regulation standard of quality and
quantity. PT XYZ is an energy company, particularly oil and gas production, which its production
activity generate a large amount of waste as well as produced water. Thus, PT XYZ must have
facilities or produced water handling plant which could minimize pollution caused by produced water.
PT XYZ already has a system of produced water handling with recycling principle. After oil and water
separation including water treating at Water Treating Plant (WTP), produced water will be used for
steam injection. This is the part of enhanced oil recovery by steam flooding in Duri Field. Besides,
produced water could be used as backwash water at WTP, that is Oil Removal Filter (ORF) and Water
Softener, which is called brine water. If the produced water and brine water is over load the capacity of
oil enhanced recovery injection, it might be disposed through injection to Disposal Well and there are
certain condition that produced water should be discharged into canal. The objective f this study is to
analyze the performance of a water treating plant in PT XYZ. Water Treating Plant is a facility for
treating produced water. Basically, WTP is on good condition and each unit has high efficiency for
separating oil and water (60-99%). Horizontal velocity at pit #A of API Separator was larger than the
design criteria. In addition, Water Softeners have efficiency until 99% for the hardness.

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Keywords: produced water, Water Treating Plant, API Separator, oil removal filter, water softener

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