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The Influence of The Work Environment on Employee Performance

*Alviara Citra Arbyan  -  Mercu Buana University, Indonesia
Setyo Riyanto  -  Mercu Buana University, Indonesia

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The study aims to illustrate and analyze the impact of the work environment on employee performance. This research is the study of explanations. The data analysis used is a descriptive analysis and some linear regression analysis. Studies show that a descriptive analysis indicates that the respondents approved of the majority of physical and non-physical work environments that a company has improved employee performance. The results of a double regression analysis suggest that the physical environment of part-time labor has a significant impact on employee's performance and a non-physical work environment also has a significant impact on workers' performance. Test results show both the physical working environment simultaneously and the non-physical work environment has significant effects on employee performance.

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Keywords: Employee performance, work environment, employee, performance, environment.

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