Analisis Pengaruh Persepsi Kemudahan Penggunaan dan Persepsi Manfaat terhadap Minat Beli dengan Kepercayaan Sebagai Variabel Intervening (Studi pada Pengunjung Toko Online di Kalangan Mahasiswa Universitas Diponegoro)


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Submitted: 16-02-2017
Published: 31-12-2016
Section: Research Article
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This study aimed to analyze the influence of perceived ease of use and perceived
usefulness on purchase intention using trust as mediator study case on online store This study used two independent variables that are perceived ease of
use and perceived usefulness, purchase intention variable as a dependent variable and
trust variable as an intervening variable. Simple random sampling method is used for this
research. Sample were collected from 150 respondents who ever had used website. Multiple regression analysis is used for this study. The results
showed that perceived ease of use have positive and significant effect on trust, perceived
usefulness have positive and significant effect on trust and perceived ease of use,
perceived usefulness, and trust have positive and significant effect on purchase intention.

Keywords : Perceived Ease of Use, Perceived Usefulness, Trust, Purchase Intention

  1. Rr. Selli Nisrina Faradila 
    Diponegoro University, Indonesia
  2. Harry Soesanto