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The Nurse Media Journal of Nursing (E-ISSN: 2406-8799, P-ISSN: 2087-7811) is an open access international journal (e-journal) which publishes the scientific works for nurse practitioners and researchers. The focus and scopes of the journal include adult nursing, emergency nursing, gerontological nursing, community nursing, mental health nursing, pediatric nursing, maternity nursing, nursing leadership and management, Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) in nursing and education in nursing. 

The articles of this journal are published every six months, that is on June and December (2 issues per year), and developed by the Department of Nursing, Faculty of Medicine, Diponegoro University. 

The NMJN Editorial team welcome and invite researchers from around the world to submit their papers (original research article, systematic review, and case study) for publication in this journal. All papers are published as soon as they have been accepted.



Indexing and Abstracting

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Citation profile in Google Scholar per May 2017 [link here...]:

  • Number of articles indexed in Google Scholar: 42
  • Number of citation in Google Scholar : 158
  • h-index in Google Scholar: 8
  • i10-index in Google Scholar: 5



(Current) December 2016
Vol.6, No.2 (2016)
(Archives) December 2015
Vol.5, No.2 (2015)
(Archives) June 2016
Vol.6, No.1 (2016)
(Archives) June 2015
Vol.5, No.1 (2015)

Vol 6, No 2 (2016): (DECEMBER 2016)




Dear researchers,

It is with pleasure to inform you that the Nurse Media Journal of Nursing (NMJN), has received an accreditation from the Indonesian Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education with a B-score (good). The decree of this accreditation was issued by the Director General of Research Strengthening and Development, the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education, number 60/E/KPT/2016, dated on 13 November 2016.

This accreditation makes the NMJN become the 3rd journal of nursing in Indonesia, which received the accreditation from the Indonesian Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education. We believe that this would be a huge interest for many researchers to publish their papers in the journal.

Upon this achievement, the NMJN would like to thank all people (the NMJN editorial team, reviewers, authors) who have given their support and contribution in achieving this accreditation. The NMJN is committed to providing publication of results of original research, systematic reviews, and case report, particularly in nursing and health.
Thank you very much.

Sincerely yours,

Nurse Media Journal of Nursing

Posted: 2017-01-17
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