Received: 3 Aug 2015; Published: 3 Aug 2015.
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The phenomenon of  legeslatif election that depression is a disproportionate impact of quotas with interest (in this case the candidates themselves), so in the end the competition can not be avoided while mentally or psychologically not ready to accept defeat. The presence of psychotic disorder or depression experienced candidates who failed in the 2014 election can be seen from the concept of motive power and self-possessed. In this case there is an association of self motive and power. According Andrain (2010), there are four factors that are usually considered by the owner of the source of power in the use of resources to influence the political process, including the strength of the motivation to achieve a particular purpose, expectation of success in achieving objectives, perceptions of the costs and risks incurred in achieving goals, and knowledge about how to - how to achieve that goal. This study aims to determine the phenomenology of depression because of losing candidates in the 2014 election in conceptualizing motive power and self-possessed. This research is phenomenology. Determination of the informants in this study using snowball sampling. Data collection techniques used in this study were in-depth interviews (in-depth interview), documentation, literature studies, and observation.

Based on the research conducted, it appears the two concepts of power, namely: the concept of office of members legeslatif as a mandate of the people and the devotion that must be carried (positive side), and "chair" legeslatif members as jobs that are full of money, high value in the eyes of society (prestige), and full power (negative side). Furthermore, in terms of motives themselves, appear the two sides of the intrinsic motives derived from the self (self) and extrinsic motives that come from outside themselves (such as the demands of his wife, family and friends support one party). Judging from the type of psychotic disorder, depression legeslatif candidate lost the 2014 elections because it could be schizophrenia (which in this study of schizophrenia process), and mood disorders (mild impairment). Candidates should have prepared themselves from the consequences of either winning or losing the nomination to be better prepared, changing the self-concept of the power of negative to positive, and establish the motive both from within and from outside. For candidates who are depressed should not shut down, so that experienced psychotic disorder not gain weight. It takes the support of various parties (especially families) so that candidates who are depressed or psychotic disorders may soon recover.

Keywords: Phenomenology, candidates, Depression, Election

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