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*Bagus Yunianto Wibowo  -  Diponegoro University, Indonesia

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The research has the efforts of junior high school, high school and vocational school in
Unggulan Nurul Islami (Nuris) Semarang, to become the institution that not only delivers
what the needs of the students, but is also able to offer values that can satisfy the students.
This research identified at least 4 (four) the troubles in this research besides found the
problem in service quality, human resources quality, and location of Unggulan Nurul
Islami Semarang. The research also get a referral earlier research that deserves to be
researched further in an upcoming research. Therefore, the formulation of the problem in
the research is how to increase student satisfaction in accordance with the expectations
of the school through the value of the customer. This research also formulate models and
4 (four) research hypothesis.
This research uses a sample of 100 students in junior high school, high school and
vocational school Nuris Semarang. In this research using of intervening models (multiple
regression analysis) and survey methods with questionnaires. Primary Data is required
and tested is the quality of human resources, the quality of the education service,
location, customer value offered and satisfaction of students.
The results of this research demonstrating that the model and the four (4) hypothesis
received significantly. And the research found that the quality of human resources (HR) is
the most dominant variables that affect student satisfaction through customer value.
Therefore, it can be concluded to improve the quality of human resources at the junior
high school, high school and vocational school became the main determinant in student
satisfaction through customer value at Unggulan Nurul Islami Semarang.
Keywords: Human Resources Quality, Service Quality Education, Location, Customer
Value Offered, and Student Satisfaction

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