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Marketing of Sharia Halal Beach Tourism Through E-WOM

*Armita Wahyu Ridho  -  Mercu Buana University, Indonesia
Setyo Riyanto  -  Mercu Buana University, Indonesia

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At this time it is estimated that 207 million people embrace Islam. Of the 207 million inhabitants of the Muslim population 13% of the world's Muslims live in Indonesia and also implies that the majority of Indonesia's population adheres to the religion of Islam. Halal tourism is a tourism activity that is devoted to facilitating the Muslim travel needs. The term halal tourism emerged in 2015 when a World Halal Tourism Summit event was held in Abu Dhabi. Community activities in sharing their experiences through social media are Electronic Word of Mouth (e-WOM) activities. E-WOM activities usually use social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Path, Twitter, etc.
Keywords: Marketing, Wisata Halal, E-WOM

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Subject Marketing, Wisata Halal, E-WOM
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Keywords: Marketing, Wisata Halal, E-WOM

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