Analisis Pengaruh Brand Reputation, Brand Competence, dan Brand Liking Terhadap Trust In Brand Pada Konsumen Windows Phone Nokia di Surabaya

*R. Yudha Adi Putro  -  Diponegoro University, Indonesia
Mustapha Kamal  -  Diponegoro University, Indonesia
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Background of this research is consumer distrust toward Nokia windows phone. The 3 reasons why consumers didn’t believe nokia windows phone, are as follows : first, Lumia series that exist today can’t be upgraded to Windows Phone 8. Second, If Nokia was later launched a new handset based on Windows Phone 8, they may not be able to compete with iPhone and Android. And the last is, factor of current technological developments Nokia is also contributed to a lack of consumer trust or even believe in Nokia.This study aims to determine whether the brand reputation, brand competence, and brand liking affect trust in brand in Nokia windows phone consumer at Surabaya and analyze the most dominant factor in influencing the trust in brand in Nokia windows phone consumer at Surabaya.

The population in this study are the users and ex-users of windows phone Nokia in Surabaya. Samples taken were 96 respondents. Data was collected using a survey method through questionnaires filled out by consumers. Then the data analyzed by using multiple linier regression analysis.

Based on the results of the study, brand liking has the most effect on trust in the brand. Followed by a brand competence. The brand reputation have least influence on trust in a brand. Then though the F Test can be seen that the independent variables feasible to test the dependent variable (trust in brand). Figures Adjusted R Square of 0,657 indicates that 65,7% trust in brand can be explained by brand reputation, brand competence, and brand liking. While the rest of 34,3% is explained by other variables that are not described in this study.

Keywords : Brand Reputation, Brand Competence, Brand Liking, Trust in Brand

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