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*Zainal Fanani R  -  , Indonesia
Haryo Santoso  -  , Indonesia
Ina Lusiana  -  , Indonesia

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College is a service industry providing service activities of higher education, where quality of service andproduct have must be committed to customer satisfaction orientation. Diponegoro University as one of TheState University which is located in Semarang Central Java become research object at this research about thequality of service education.This research uses Student Satisfaction Inventory method which was developed by Noel Levitz. This methodmeasure service quality based on eleven dimension, there are Academic Advising, Campus Climate, CampusLife, Campus Support Services, Concern for the Individual, Instructional Effectiveness, Recruitment andFinancial Aid Effectiveness, Registration Effectiveness, Campus Safety and Security, Service Excellence, andStudent Centeredness.The research was done by survey of student satisfaction. The sample are student of Technical Faculty UNDIPwhich is taken proportionally from 8 study program of Engineering Faculty in UNDIP. There are two differentscore for each item on the survey, the importance score, and the satisfaction score. The assessment of qualityservice education based on the difference in the importance score and satisfaction score, so called withperformance gap score.The result shows that the highest importance score is campus supports service (4.65), the highest satisfactionscore is campus climate (3.29) and the highest performance gap is campus support services (1.61). Value oftotal mean performance gap is 1.44. According to the guidelines provided by Noel Levitz, a performance gapbetween zero and 1.50 indicates that the institution (UNDIP) is almost meeting students expectation. From theperspective of engineering students, Electrical Engineering student feel most satisfied to service educationgiven by UNDIP than student from other engineering majors. The other result of this research indicates thatthere are 14 variables from 66 variables has high priority to be improved.
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Keywords: customer satisfaction orientation, importance score, Importance-Satisfaction Matrix, performance gap, satisfaction score and Student Satisfaction Inventory

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