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Renewable Energy in Eastern North Africa in Terms of Patterns of Coupling to Czisch European HVDC Super Grid

1École Supérieure de Sciences et Techniques de Tunis (ESSTT), Université de Tunis/ 63 Rue Sidi Jabeur 5100, Mahdia, Tunisia

2Department of Agriculture, Forest, Nature and Energy (DAFNE), University of Tuscia, Via S. Camillo de Lellis snc, 01100 Viterbo, Italy

Published: 17 Jun 2013.
Editor(s): H. Hadiyanto

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In this study, wind energy potential and perspectives in the eastern North Africa region (Tunisia) have been investigated in terms of connectivity to the projected Czisch European HVDC super grid. A simplified extracted scheme of this grid has been used as a guide to optimize transportation efficiency through the whole net. Wind, as an available and easily exploitable renewable energy was showing to have a promising future for 2025 horizon in the context of a connected net with the European Union, despite local sub-grids disparities. This is also to emphasis HVDC technology adequacy for economical power transmission over very long distances and connection between differently established grids.
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Keywords: 3D optimizing abacus;renewable energy; Czisch HVDC super grid; European Union;North Africa; wind energy

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