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*Fitri Dhiastuti Santoso  -  Magister Manajemen Universitas Diponegoro, Indonesia

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Hair is the most valuable crown for women. For this reason, many shampoo producers compete
one each other to provide the consumers’ need and want to produce the good shampoo for
the consumer. Nevertheless, shampoo is classified to nondurable goods. Therefore, producers
must have a certain marketing to increase the brand preference in order to achieve the
consumers’ brand loyalty. Sunsilk is a product of Unilever Indonesia, ltd. Unilever Indonesia, ltd
carry out some ways in marketing their product, such as advertise it on TV starred by famous
artist, alter the package shape and size, add the shampoo variety, and logo alteration as well.
Those efforts aim to increase the brand preference and then become a loyalty to Sunsilk.
The research proposes 7 hypothesis, they are: brand focus advertisement influences the brand
awareness (hypothesis 1), star attraction in advertisement influences the brand awareness
(hypothesis 2), product design innovation influences the brand association (hypothesis 3),
product package attraction influences the brand association (hypothesis 4), brand awareness
influences the brand preference (hypothesis 5), brand association influences the brand preference
(hypothesis 6), brand preference influences the brand loyalty (hypothesis 7).
The research sample is women in Semarang who use Sunsilk and ever watched Sunsilk advertisement
“Ariel Peter Pan” version. There were 167 respondents. The analysis of data used
SEM (Structural Equation Model) from AMOS 16 software package. The proposed research
model is which is more than 2, 58 and the Determinant of Covariance Matrix value 81,741. The
measurement of exogenous and endogen constructions tested using confirmatory analysis
and proper full model test analyzed by using SEM where the value of Goodness of Fit Chi
square = 274, 835: probability = 0,55; GFI = 0, 874; AGFI = 0, 842; CFI = 0, 986; TLI = 0, 984;
RMSEA = 0, 030; CMIN / DF = 1, 150. Based on the result, it can be concluded that the
proposed model, is accepted. Therefore, Sunsilk brand loyalty can be reached by increasing
brand preference through brand awareness and brand association.
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Keywords: Brand awareness, Brand Association, Brand Preference, Brand Loyalty.

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