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STUDI TENTANG ANTECEDENT BRAND ATTITUDE DAN BRAND EQUITY (Penelitian Enpirik Iklan TV Provider GSM Prabayar Mentari Versi "Obral Obrol" di Semarang)

*Chellya Niken Hayyu Naafiani  -  Magister Manajemen Universitas Diponegoro, Indonesia

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This study examines the process of brand attitude and brand image in enhancing brand equity. This research  was done  because  of the research  gaps  from previous  research  on brand  attitude proposed in the study Aaker (1991) and Keller (1993) that marks a positive attitude will help improve equity. This is supported by the Cobb-Walgren, Ruble and Donthu (1995) in Faircloth et al. (2001) states that the brand attitude and brand image of a positive influence on brand equity, however, it conflicts with a study conducted by Sitinjak and J. R. S. (2005) which states that the indirect influence brand attitude on brand equity through brand image.
From the above problems underlying this research is to find out how to improve brand equity by endorser  attractiveness,  effectiveness  of advertising  messages,  levels of communicative  language, brand attitude, brand image. In this study developed a theoretical model to propose six hypotheses to be tested using Structural Equation Model (SEM) using AMOS software. Respondents in this study were students and people who have worked, at least 18 years of age, minimal education highschool degree, who was lived in Semarang and witnessed or known GSM prepaid card ad in this case is GSM Mentari prepaid card ad “Obral Obrol” edition which amounted to 120 respondents.
Results from SEM data processing for the full model modification indices have largely meet the criteria of goodness of fit as follows chi square = 255.099; probability = 0.158; CMIN/DF = 1.091, GFI =
0.854, TLI = 0.990, CFI = 0.991, RMSEA = 0.028. Thus it can be said that this model is feasible to use. The results of this study demonstrate the process to enhance brand equity by improving endorser
attractiveness,  effectiveness  of
attitude, brand image.
advertising  messages,  levels  of  communicative  language,  brand
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Keywords: Brand Equity, Endorser Attraction, Ads Message Effectiveness, Level of Communicative Language, brand attitude, brand image

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